QC CA$H Terms & Conditions

5% of the total value of purchases made to QC Electrics during the stores allocated time is to be redeemable by the staff members of the branch in gift vouchers.

QC Electrics will calculate the amount due based on the sales orders.

QC cash is not redeemable for New Zealand dollars.

The total of QC cash will be calculated on the sale amount during the period of the promotion less GST.

Any items returned/credited will be deducted only from the sales made in the specified time frame).

Your branches allocated time period is October to December. The offer is to be backdated to the beginning of October 1st 2019, through to 30th November 2019.

Once final purchases have been totalled the store is to decide the allocation of the vouchers.

Vouchers to be presented by the second week of December. Offer is backdated from sales from October 11th and runs to December 13th.

Vouchers to be distributed the week of the 16th of December.

Offer subject to materials not being credited back to the store after the end of this promotion.